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Krynica-Zdrój - a health resort for all seasons


 Krynica-Zdrój is famous for its winter sports facilities and cultural events in summer, but each season offers various attractions. Spring in Krynica is still perfect for the skiers, with good weather conditions the snow stays till April. However, if winter goes away quickly, you can still stay in Krynica and use this opportunity to profit from the biological regeneration or work on your body in several swimming pools. Each year new hotels and pensions include in their offer popular fitness programs, while medical personnel looks after your safe and healthy holidays. After working hard in the gym or relaxing in the swimming pools tourists can refill the lost calories in numerous restaurants which offer popular and simple dishes like pizza as well as the specialties of the regional cuisine. Tourist can take a walk up the Parkowa Mountain where they pass by the swans pond or love-spring called "Bocianówka". On their way back they can take a ride on the cable railway. Krynica offers over 160 km of tourist trails and a professional route for mountain bikes which leads over Parkowa Mountain and Huzary to the main promenade, where the regional and national competitions are held.

 Aside from the tourist infrastructure like hiking trails, tennis courts, winter and summer sledge run near the artificial skating rink, open-air and indoor swimming pools, Krynica-Zdrój offers also other type of recreation. "Jaworzyna" Cinema offers not only picture-shows but also stage appearances. Singers and cabaret artists also do their shows in the concert hall of the Main Well House.

Autumn is a very attractive season in Krynica-Zdrój. Tourist who visit our town about this time are fascinated by the rich and beautiful colors of the woods. This time of year is extremely suitable for hiking and excursions organized by local tourist offices. They offer trips around the Poprad River Valley, to the Rożnów lake, apiary in Kamianna, trip to the Pieniny Mountains with tour around Homole Gorge and castle in Niedzica, rafting down the Dunajec River, visiting old chapels and churches in local villages. It is also a good opportunity to take a trip to our closest neighbor, Slovakia.

 While walking around Krynica one can visit the Nikifor Art Museum with a unique exposition of works from this primitivist artist or unprofessional artists gallery in the "Gallery Under the Chestnus-tree". There is also a museum of the mountain tourism at the peak of Jaworzyna.

Autumn in Krynica is perfect for the music lovers, especially those who like opera and famous Polish tenor Jan Kiepura - as the music festival of his name is held in Krynica each year, attracting thousands of fans.

Tourists love winter in Krynica, especially those who love to ski. Numerous ski-lifts, skiing routes and winter sports facilities attract a lot of tourists, especially around Jaworzyna Krynicka Mt. and Słotwiny.

Those who choose Krynica-Zdrój as the place for their holiday or recreation will not regret their choice and will want to return again and again.