Krynica-Zdrój possesses over 13 thousand places to stay at night. Many sanatoriums can be compared to the most renowned ones in Poland and in other countries. The spa offers treatment in 15 healing profiles out of 19 available in Poland. There are also many holiday houses, pensions, hotels, and quarters of various standards in the health resort, just like varied are financial capacities of its guests. In recent years, a couple of exclusive hotels appeared in Krynica in order to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. Such hotels offer high-class service and the newest world trends in the domain of biological renewal.

In winter, Krynica turns into a ski resort which offers accommodation for skiers as well as sleigh parties and Polish highlanders’ bonfires. In neighbouring Tylicz, located only 6 kilometres from the spa, agrotourism and cheap quarters are offered. During recent years, Tylicz has specialized in family stays, offering places for schools, as well as winter and summer camps.

Krynica-Zdrój offers not only curative stays. During the last two years, by investing in  infrastructure, it has broadened its offer for those want to spend their time actively and for families with children.

Tourist attractions

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